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           JusTalk Counselling    MiddlesbroughSouth Tyneside steve.manley@justalk.uk075484837900191 447 5233



About JusTalk


'JusTalk welcomes you to a safe, non-judgemental counselling experience'. 


     At JusTalk we believe in an integrative approach to counselling. We believe the relationship between you and your therapist is the essential ingredient for growth.  The sensitivity and nurturing of the relationship enables understanding and awareness of who you are. As with all of our positive relationships in life, they bring joy, hope and contentment, with the added potential to heal, where healing may be yearned for. 


     However, at JusTalk we are strong believers in you being your guide, steering your journey on your course. We are here to facilitate and support your journey. 


     You are your creation, invention and being.  Our promise to you is full confidentiality, trust and hope moving forward.



    We specialise in anxiety, depression, loss in all its different forms and much much more.



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'Powerful experience to love and be loved...it reaches the core of our beings...it penetrates all your needs and wants and yearnings. We all need to be loved and accepted for who we are...age has no definitive meaning. From the moment we are delivered into this world, until the moment we depart, the tenderness of giving love and receiving loves gives us a deep core feeling of being healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. No-one should ever be adrift from love. It is life's blood and life's breath.'



Steve Manley




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