Group Therapy and Bereavement Group Therapy


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Group therapy is a  great interactive way to be heard and seen by others and with others. Sharing new caring relationships, your histories and stories and feeling a part of a special bonding community.

It is a weekly therapy session guided around everybody's needs. 


Group Therapy in Sunderland


Sunderland High West Street: Monday evenings  7 - 8.40pm (Max 4 people £20 p.p)



Group therapy is offered in South Shields from  April 5th


South Shields:  Thursday evenings 6.30 - 8.10 pm  (Max 6 people £20 p.p)



Group Therapy offered in Middlesbrough from June


Middlesbrough: Wednesday evenings 6 - 7.40pm (Maz 4 people £20 p.p)



Bereavement Group Therapy

Being offered soon in South Shields

Phone/Email for details






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